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29May 2024
Man with Van employees were prompt, efficient, and very professional. Their teamwork was impressive, leading to a quick move. They met all of the landlord's demands and ensured everything was in proper order before departing. I would use their services again.
Stephanie D.
09Apr 2024
The office staff were always available and ready to help, making the entire process hassle-free.
S. Martin
21Mar 2024
Thanks to the positive attitudes and willingness to help of the removals staff, my moving day went off without a hitch.
Daniel S.
11Mar 2024
Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Movers made light work of our move while ensuring that every step was taken care of with precision.
F. Hughes
28Feb 2024
From start to finish, Man with a Van took the hassle out of moving by providing timely and professional services.
18Feb 2024
They took care of everything with ease and professionalism, making the move stress-free for us.
Loretta Reyes
08Feb 2024
I am so grateful for the high-quality service provided by Man and a Van during my recent move. Their team is exceptional and their rates are affordable.
Sandra Knowles
29Jan 2024
A big thank you to these movers who truly went above and beyond with their exceptional service. They were quick, respectful and had all the necessary packing materials, ensuring each item was packed with precision and assembled/dismantled perfectly. Exceptional moving service!
Jenifer P.
19Jan 2024
The head office and workers went above and beyond during our move. Their continuous communication kept us at ease, and their efficiency in executing everything was impressive. Thank you for also giving us some helpful packing supplies.
Matt Y.
18Dec 2023
Exceptional value for money, Van to Hire!
Roger Kinkaid
20Jun 2023
Professionalism at its finest with this furniture move; the friendly and efficient personnel did a superb job!
Toby Asherfold
20Feb 2023
If you're looking for an efficient team to help you out during your move - look no further than Removals! Their two staff members were outstanding; they did an amazing job of loading and unloading and putting together furniture upon arrival at our new place. I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in their relocation!
Richard Tands
06Nov 2017
Thanks to Man and a Van, my house removals task was far less stressful than I envisaged. It was a tremendous service that helped me out a great deal.
Anna M.
31Jul 2015
Highly professional group at Man with Van and relocated my business items to a new store without any hassle or issues. Very friendly group every step of the process. They called me the next day to check everything was ok and asked if I needed any more help, they were in the area and could swing by. I was thrilled with this kind gesture and would really recommend them to anyone moving.
Samantha Feather
14Jul 2015
When I hired Man Van I was not sure of just how much help I would receive with my relocation. I found the company when scanning the internet for a removal company. I read their reviews and liked what I saw so I booked them. I got a quote online, confirmed the booking by phone and opted then for the additional package of having my items packed up for me. The day before the move, the team came and packed up all of my belongings for me. I have never moved as quickly or as easily as with this team!
Sally Jameson
08May 2015
My old home was on the 15th floor of a high-rise in the middle of town. It's always busy there and so I was dubious about getting a removals company who would be able to park their vehicle outside for the duration of the move. When I called Removals and explained the situation, they knew exactly where I was talking about and told me how to get the necessary permissions in place on the day of my move. When they gave me their price, I was so surprised at how low it was, I decided to book them right away. I am so glad I did. They made what could have been a very stressful day completely hassle-free.
Peter Rowan
12Nov 2014
My recent move went so well that I want to tell everyone about the company I used. ManandVanRemoval Company did a great job at an incredible price. They have a huge choice of moving services at very competitive costs. They are professional and fully skilled at moving. All of their work is guaranteed and they do their best to fit in with your busy schedule. The employees were very polite and helpful. They knew what they were doing and got on with it.
Helen Glover
22Oct 2014
Having my home packed up by professionals was a great experience, and it's one I'll definitely pay for again should I be moving in the future! ManandVanRemoval Company's packing service did everything that I needed it to - the packers worked really quickly, using specialist packing supplies and materials, and they were really friendly as well. They helped me with everything from packing my kitchen appliances to my TV, and with everything so well-organised I had no problems on moving day! I adore this service and it took all the stress out of moving! Thanks to my amazing packers!
Chelsea Davidson
07Oct 2014
ManandVanRemoval Company's removals vans were just what I needed for my house move. I had everything sorted for moving day apart from my vehicle, but I just couldn't find the right van for the right price no matter how hard I looked! I finally found this company through a friend of a friend and I'm very pleased with the help that I received. The staff here are truly lovely, really information and friendly. I got my van without any hassle at all and my move went brilliantly thanks to this company!
Leslie Neale
19Sep 2014
What I love most about ManandVanRemoval Company is that they have packing supplies on sale, which means that if I need to use some tape but I left mine somewhere, I can just get some there, and use it on my boxes. I'm a very forgetful person so something like this is perfect for someone as scatterbrained as myself. I also buy all my boxes and other packing materials, meaning I don't have to worry about them, and them being poor quality, last thing I want to do is break my possessions in transit!
27Aug 2014
If you are worried about the amount that your impending removal is going to make you suffer, then I advise using ManandVanRemoval Company for the job. They made my life so much easier over the last few weeks with our removal, that I cannot recommend them highly enough! The resulting move was a relaxed an easy one, that made light work of getting everything moved safely and securely, so I am more than happy with how it went. The prices were good as well, which made for a less stressful time even afterwards!
M. Jenkins
31Jul 2014
ManandVanRemoval Company is a great company if you're looking to hire a van for your moving day. I only needed a vehicle, but every company that I called really went for the hard-sell and tried to squeeze me for money. When I called this company, however, they didn't try to sell me anything that I didn't need, and finding the van that I needed was really quick. The member of staff I spoke to was so friendly and chatty, and she really took an interest in what it was I was looking for. I ended up with the ideal van for my move, and the price wasn't too extortionate either!
Penny G.
07Jul 2014
If you are like me in being a little apprehensive of moving house, then it will be a great move on your part to give ManandVanRemoval Company a call. I found them to be most agreeable, and they really do go that extra mile to make sure that the move goes easily and smoothly, no matter the circumstances. The staff are warm and friendly, and there were no damages, which was a great thing to see. I was pleased with the price, and will certainly be recommending them to my friends!
Mark Nelson
26Jun 2014
When you get out of the city a bit, it can be tougher to find quality services, but ManandVanRemoval Company delivered a great option for us. The quote we got from them was well within our budget, which was the first nice surprise. But the main thrust of their quality came from the great service on the day and I cannot stress enough how professionally they went about their work. Well drilled would be an understatement and everything went like clockwork. Excellent option all round and would not hesitate to suggest hiring them to any of my friends in need.
Elizabeth Mcdonald
02Jun 2014
I moved house last year and believe me it was an awful experience I used a local removal company and they were utterly useless, they couldn't even lift a cupboard without bashing it into my doorframes, I was so distressed on that day that I vowed never to move again. Anyway, unfortunately I had no choice but to move again and I was absolutely dreading it this time because I did not want a repeat performance of the last one but ManandVanRemoval Company were so much better, it just goes to show that when you have professionals on onboard it makes a massive difference, avoid the cowboys and go for this company, trust me!
21May 2014
I used this firm to help my parents (who are getting on, in all honesty!) move to a new home. After the experience they had, I'd definitely use ManandVanRemoval Company again, and would definitely ask that I be served by the same team of moving men. By all accounts they were lovely, helpful and kind, and made sure they alleviated my parents' myriad worries about the operation. What we liked best of all was that they agreed a price before the move was carried out - and when I say agreed, it was properly discussed and signed up to by both my parents and the movers!
Karen Moore
08May 2014
Having used a couple of removals companies previously, I feel like I am well placed to let you know that ManandVanRemoval Company are fantastic! There is nothing that I would have done differently, to how they planned the move out for me. The whole thing went on really easily, and nothing was broken, which probably shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did! The price was very good, and I found them to be totally affordable, whilst never slacking, so the value was excellent. Great work from all involved, thank you so much!
Tracy Morgan
16Apr 2014
In many ways, the process of moving house can completely take over your life, and it is with these issues that many people feel like the job is not a worthwhile one. I know many people who have lost a great deal of money through having terrible removals, and whether it is a smashed TV worth thousands of pounds, or a family heirloom that goes missing, you can't really recover from the feeling that you have been cheated out of something. I use ManandVanRemoval Company however, and they have never done anything but amazing work for me, and for others that I know who use them...
Terrance Daniels
28Mar 2014
I needed to move urgently as my landlord had sold the house quicker than I bargained. My mate gave me the name of a removal firm he had previously used, and only said excellent things about their service. I gave ManandVanRemoval Company a call, and sorted a meeting for a price and details about my move. I found a place nearby so it wasn't too bad, and generally it all got packed up quickly and competently, and transferred to my new address. There were no problems along the way it all just went fantastic, and the cost was reasonable too. Well done and thanks.
Darrell K.
19Feb 2014
I remember the first time I laid eyes on ManandVanRemoval Company's website - so many services and what to choose? I gave them a call and they couldn't have been more helpful. The girl on the end of the phone discuss my move and went through all the options and within ten-or-so minutes had put together a moving package for me that was well within budget. A gentleman visited to provide me with a quote and I booked them to take care of things. What a super job they did! Their moving team really are a hard-working bunch, you have to see it to believe it! Really really good.
Miranda Calvert
30Jan 2014
The first time I used ManandVanRemoval Company was back in 2011 and then again twice in the following year. Their whole team of movers are absolutely fantastic and super friendly guys. They dedicate their attention to you from the initial phone call through to the delivery of your furniture in your new home. What I love about hiring this company is that they inform me well in advance as to what my removal services will entail; and all of my items are safely delivered without stains or damage. They have since moved my parents into a new home and several friends and we all agree that this is the best moving company on this planet!
Thomas H.
29Oct 2013
I didn't really know what to expect from ManandVanRemoval Company, I mean you never really do, do you? My confidence in their phone manner paid off though, and I was rewarded with a quick and efficient move, with a nice bunch of removers. Expecting the worst, I had packed everything up pretty safely, but whilst watching the team at work, they didn't drop a single item. Better than that, they treated everything with real care, and seemed to understand that they were essentially shifting my life around, rather than a load of boxes!
Stan Adler
16Oct 2013
I'm not the kind of person that hands out praise very freely, as I don't like the way in which everyone is ridiculously positive about an average level of service nowadays. However, there was nothing I could have wanted more from the removal that ManandVan did for me, so here goes! The staff were all very nice and made the family feel relaxed throughout the job, there were no smashed or damage, and the price was pretty good as well, so what more could you want? I would be happy to put these people forward to anyone who is after a great removal with high value and service.
Gerry Read
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